Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking at AGOA 2011

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June 13, 2011

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Find out more about Secretary Clinton’s travel to U.A.E., Zambia, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, including media interviews about AGOA


The Africa Regional Media Hub’s AGOA round table with Ambassador Ron Kirk

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June 10, 2011

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Press Briefing, June 10- Ambassador Ron Kirk on the status and future of AGOA

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“We see AGOA as a bridge to economicself sufficiency and not as a permanent crutch… Africa has not only the potential but the resources and the human capital to determine its own fate, and not only to stand on its own feet but make an extraordinary contribution to the world’s economy”

Ambassador Ron Kirk is the United States Trade Representative.

Audio: Listen to the MP 3  in two parts:  Briefing (8:00 min) | Questions from the media (24:40 min)

Press Briefing (Pt 3)- USAID’s Steve Walls and USTR Ambassador Ron Kirk

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“The ‘Compete Program’ is an $80 million effort looking a a number of different issues from contraints and barriers to improving the value chain and, of course, exports under AGOA”

Steve Walls heads USAID’s ‘Compete Program’  and Ambassador Kirk is the US Trade Representative (USTR)

Audio: Listen to the MP 3 (7:35) | Video: View on YouTube


Press briefing (Pt 2)- Dr Julie Howard and Vanessa Adams

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“ACT will continue the focus on trade begun under AGOA. It will have a strong emphasis on two complementary objectives. First, stimulating US-African trade… Secondly, an emphasis on stimulating regional trade”

Dr. Howard is the Deputy Coordinator for the US Government’s ‘Feed the Future’ initiative and Vanessa Adams is the Director of the US Trade Hub for West  Africa. 

Audio: Listen to the MP3 (8:59 mins) | Video: Watch on YouTube


Press Briefing (Pt 1)- Assistant US Trade Representative for Africa Florie Liser

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“It is my great pleasure… to share with you information on the African Competitiveness and Trade Expansion initiative, or ‘ACT’. ACT reflects the significant continuing commitment by the Obama administration to African efforts to use trade to advance economic growth and development” 
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US Trade Representative Ron Kirk- Opening Remarks

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“Trade and investment are critical elements of President Obama’s global development policy… The President called broad-based economic growth the most powerful force in the world for eradicating poverty and creating opportunity”
Audio:  Listen to MP3 (18:06 mins)